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IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 Release Notice
November 30, 2015

9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 is a collection of low-risk, high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known issues. IBM strongly recommends that customers running Notes/Domino 9.0.1x upgrade to this latest Fix Pack since it addresses a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. They go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with Maintenance Releases. Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous ones. All Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 9.0.1x.

Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 addresses defects in the Client, Server, Notes Browser Plug-in and Domino OpenSocial component.

9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 includes all of the content and supersedes the following deliverables:
  • Notes: 9.0.1 FP4 IF1, IF2
  • Domino: 9.0.1 FP4 IF1, IF2, IF3
  • iNotes: 9.0.1 FP4 IF1, IF2
  • JVM Patch: 1.6 SR16FP7

Important Notes
  • 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 updates the embedded Notes/Domino JVM to 1.6 SR16 FP15 to address security vulnerabilities.
  • 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 adds support for IE Standards Mode for iNotes. An optional Forms9s.nsf for IE 11 Standard mode has been added in 9.0.1 FP5. 9.0.1 FP5 installs a secondary iNotes client file on the Domino server named Forms9s.nsf. This file is an optional solution to "Quirks Mode". Quirks mode was a run time option first introduced in IE 6 to provide backward compatibility for programs such as iNotes but can cause some limitations running in newer versions of IE such as IE11. Forms9s.nsf removes quirks mode and runs in Standard mode. This is off by default and can be enabled via setting these in the Domino server notes.ini
  • IBM Notes Mac - IBM Notes Mac 9.0.1 FP5 32-bit is superseded by Mac 9.0.1 64-bit. Customers looking for Notes Mac client 9.0.1 32-bit are encouraged instead to download and install Notes 9.0.1 Mac 64-bit. Download links can be found in this document: Supportability Q&A about IBM Notes and OS X 10.11.x
  • Windows 10 - 9.0.1 FP5 adds support for Notes Browser Plug-in. Notes/iNotes added this support for 9.0.1 FP4. For more info, including ICAA support, see this technote Supportability Q&A about Notes and Windows 10.

Known Issue
  • SPR XXLI9RNB7U - Windows Domino Server: JVM version is reverted to 9.0.1 gold's version when un-installing/downgrading from 9.0.1 Fix Pack 4 to a prior Fix Pack. This will not impact most customers, as downgrading to a prior fix pack is not a common operation. This issue also does not affect future fix pack upgrades. DETAILS: On Windows, the Domino server installer gives you an option to downgrade to either a prior Fix Pack level or to the gold release. If customers want to downgrade to an earlier Fix Pack level, it is recommended that you un-install the Fix Pack, which will leave the server at 9.0.1 Gold, then proceed with the Fix Pack install of your choice. This will ensure the correct JVM level is installed.

Download Options
For download options see technote 4037141 - "Download Options for Notes & Domino 9.0.1 Fix Packs". Note: Fix Packs will not be distributed on physical media (DVD/CD).
  • If you have Notes 9.0.1 Basic Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Basic edition) 9.0.1 installed, use the Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 Basic install.
  • If you have Notes 9.0.1 Standard Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Standard edition) 9.0.1 installed, use the Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 Standard install.

Decision to upgrade
Customers unable to upgrade to later Releases should install Fix Packs to benefit from later fixes made to the product. By providing a small number of fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release until a more extensive upgrade to the current Release is possible.

While Fix Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Fix Pack available for a Maintenance Release, IBM still recommends that customers upgrade to the latest Release + Fix Pack combination to receive the broadest set of fixes available. You will receive more overall fixes with a later Release + Fix Pack than with a set of Fix Packs on top of an earlier Maintenance Release. For more information, see technote #1368141-"Differences between Notes/Domino Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs and Upgrade Packs."

Fixes contained in this Fix Pack
A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release but did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in 9.0.1 but did not exist in 9.0.0 is a regression.
If an APAR exists for the corresponding SPR, the APAR number will appear in parentheses next to the SPR number. For example, SPR #nnnnnnnnnn (LO12345).

What follows is a subset of the most important issues addressed in this fix pack. For the full list of fixes, visit the fixes by release view for the description of each fix in this Fix Pack, including platform specific information.

9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 Fix List descriptions:

  • CSMH9QHKNF (LO83744) - Fixes issue where the incorrect font is used after installing additional True Type fonts in Notes 9. The fix requires the new notes.ini variable "UseWindowsFontSubstituteFontList" be set to the font or fonts that are to be used. This is a regression in 9.0.1.
  • HHIE9RTARJ (LO83155) - Avoids a Notes Client crash opening a document with a graphic image containing invalid dimensions. This defensive fix will avoid the crash.
  • ADEE9UCDQ2 (LO84117) - Fixes issue that could result in duplicate INI parameters for cases where the notes ini exceeds 64 bytes
  • DSAS9HBTVQ (LO79576) - Under certain conditions, the Dircat task treats a rare but routine error "Directory cataloger was unable to obtain any scheduling information" as fatal and shuts down. This fix resolves this.
  • QMGO9YXDML (LO85873) - Fixes issue where Notes fixpack ignores the custom common data setting and installs to the default common data dir causing a 1603 install error
  • SRKM9NFF7B (LO81786) - Attempts to install a Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack fail. The install/upgrade log shows the following error: "Installation success or error status: 1603". This is a regression in 9.0.1 FP1.
  • XXZZ9JN999 (LO81356) - Fixes a cross platform crash opening emails with certain objects in them. This issue was more common on Notes Client Mac 10.9.

  • RMAS9GATPK (LO81820) - The maximum NSF Pool size is hard coded by default. This fix introduces a new INI parameter to set the maximum size of the NSF Pool at runtime. Add MAX_NSFPOOL_SIZE=[new size in bytes] to set the size of the NSF Pool. Use MAX_NSFPOOL_SIZE_MB to set the size in MB instead. Note that the size cannot be set smaller than the current default maximum of 512 MB.
  • RGAU8ZRLKH (LO72483) - Fixes Domino Server crash when an xPage application with a large view is accessed and hitting last page of that largeview with the notes.ini variable Ft_max_search_results=99999999 set.
  • TMAI9YNHCD (LO85763) - Fixes issue where the return value of the len function in Lotusscript is invalid on 9.0.1 FP4. This fix was a regression caused by 9.0.1 FP4 SPR JMDK9MA6EJ. This fix reverts the fix for SPR JMDK9MA6EJ.
  • PJON9UBQMR (LO84113) - Fixes issue where Diiop connections over SSL Fail If SSLv3 is disabled. (technote 1968912)
  • SVRO9UZRQC (LO85045)- ISpy (runjava) fails to connect if SSLv3 is disabled because it was using an older SSL stack. It has been updated to a newer SSL stack that supports TLS (technote 1700925)
  • WBJT9X63VT (LO85208) - Chinese characters display incorrectly when an event is created via the Calendar service Restful API
  • YDEN9GYKRR (LO79426) - Fixes issue where user receives error: "Invalid URL exception and HTTP 500 Internal server error" when accessing a URL that contains a colon in the start and stop parameters in a URL. We now allow additional characters for 'start' and 'count' in a URL. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.
  • MKIN9BGTMX (LO77050) - Fixes a recursion crash when out of OSLocal memory. Symptoms included having http disappear without the creation of an nsd. (technote 1682289)

  • GKLA9WVTH9 (LO85136) - Fixes issue on Mac and Linux where when using operating system timezone events viewed with calendar views display 3 hours early in the calendar view. This is a regression in 9.0.
  • SVRO9YLM35 (LO85733) - Fixes an HTTP Crash with iNotes in MAXSPRINTF due to a null pointer caused by incorrect permissions on Dojo files (technote 1964549)
  • CKUA9HSABG (LO79874) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where email links were not resolving properly when clicked.
  • MLEY9MVG34 (LO81588) - When using iNotes with Internet Explorer, blank lines in a user's signature are deleted. This is a regression in 9.0.1.
  • RFRF9CCARU (LO77404) - Notes web: Fixed an issue where replying to all from a message in the sent view using Internet Explorer 10 would result in swapping the contents of the "To" and the "cc" fields.
  • MLEY9TMGPF (LO83786) - Notes web: Fixed an issue with slow scrolling using the navigation arrows in the One Week/One Work week calendar views

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